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An office fit out is the process of making an internal space suitable  for your tenants to move into.

It’s the transformation of a concrete shell into a working space, installing facilities and raising the flooring, to installing team breakout areas, meeting rooms and workstations. 

So ask yourself, why do you need a new office?

Identify your primary concerns, a new office, be it from a refurbishment or relocation, can benefit you in many ways. But what are your reasons for wanting a new workplace? And what benefits can you gain?

To ensure your office fit out ‘fits’ your company’s needs, get to know the ‘why’ well in advance. And if you’re relocating, be prepared to answer the question, ‘Why not refurbish your existing space instead?’.

Are your existing facilities outdated or simply unsuitable?

Moving office, instead of refurbishing, allows you to consider a host of facilities that perhaps your old space simply couldn’t cater for.

Has your business recently undergone an expansion, contraction or reorganisation?

In the current financial climate, the shape of many companies is changing on a regular basis. Empty seats or over-crowded offices, neither do much for staff morale. A new office can be flexible with the changing shape of your company – maximise its potential to create a pleasant working environment.

Do you want to boost morale and productivity?

A change is as good as a rest. And it’s been proven that morale and productivity suffer in an uninspiring environment. The change of scenery provided by a new office could be just what’s required to turn your workforce into a happy, productive team.

Would you like to improve your company’s image and reputation?

Your office sells your business just as much as your people do. First impressions count for a lot. Your new office is a blank canvas, so use it to your advantage
. Whilst your workplace needs to reflect your current business values it must be able to adapt to any future changes that might be around the corner.
Consider additional benefits.

Consider what sort of fit out you want

The scope of an office fit out can range hugely.
Before you go any further, identify what it is you want. And more importantly, what it is you’re prepared to take on.

Refurbishing your existing office

Is moving your only option? Could you improve your existing space? This is something a good office fit out partner will be able to help with.

If you think that a refurbishment is more likely to be on the cards we can walk you through it stage by stage.

Carrying out a CAT B fit out

This is the most common interpretation of ‘fit out’. The new space is a blank canvas with just the basics installed. And we mean basics – raised flooring, suspended ceilings, outside walls, Mechanical & Electrical services, and ‘shared’ areas such as toilets and stairwells. You get to choose everything else, and really make the space your own.

Going back to basics with a CAT A and CAT B installation

If the space you’re looking at is particularly dilapidated, then it might be a case of rebuilding its shell, before starting on a CAT B fit out. This is also a good option if you’re planning to make changes to the Mechanical & Electrical systems, etc, for environmental reasons.

So Who Have We Worked With?

– Ministry of Defence –
​- Oxford University –
– Smeg –
​- City Hall, Bristol –
– EDF Energy –
– Bristol Airport –
– Channel 4’s Building the Dream –
– Barchester Care Homes –
– Salcombe Hotel –
– Deer Park Honiton –

​To mention a few!

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