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If you have a business and would like to make savings on your bottom line, then cutting your energy usage is one of the best ways to do so.

Here we look at 4 easy ways your business can reduce energy consumption and ultimately save money, without transforming your whole interior.

1. Using Energy-Saving Lighting

Artificial lighting is essential in most offices. Regardless of how many big windows you have or how much natural light floods in, during the winter months there are short, dark days when you will need extra lighting. Unfortunately, lighting an office is expensive.

The good news is that you can minimise the cost spent on lighting with the use of energy-saving lights. LED light bulbs are known to be more energy-efficient than standard incandescent lighting.

LEDs do have a reputation for being initially expensive, but prices have dropped drastically in recent years, so you really don’t have to invest a fortune to be able to change over.

Plus, the amount you’ll save on your energy costs each year will more than make up for the price of purchase.

2. Controlling the AC and Heating

It’s hard to get the temperature right in an office space. In the winter it’s too cold and damp and in the summer it’s too hot and humid.

During the colder months, you will most probably need the central heating on during the day, but ensure you set a timer so that it switches off when the office is closed. Leaving it on will waste unnecessary energy and money by the bucket loads.

Similarly, during the summer months, cooling things down can be just as costly. It’s hard to cater to all employees’ preferences but create a happy medium and set the temperature at around 21 degrees Celsius.

Just remember, reducing the AC by as little as 1 degree Celsius could reduce your annual energy bill by up to 8%

3. Scrapping the use of Paper

Printers and photocopiers don’t just use a lot of energy; they also use a lot of paper. With the number of online admin apps and tools on the market, there really is no need to print out anything at all. Everything can now be done digitally.

Why not implement a no paper rule in your office? Not only will you save energy, but you will also save money and create a tidier and more clutter-free office environment.  

Save any documents you want to share with other team members to a shared drive instead of printing out a copy.

This also means no one will have to re-print any documents if they go missing either.

4. Turn Off at Night

Most offices operate during a set period of time, most commonly 9 am to 5.30pm. Outside of these hours, energy consumption should be kept to a minimum.

Make an office rule so that employees switch off their laptops or take them home with them every night. Leaving laptops on standby or in sleep mode still uses up power, which is not needed.

Also ensure that whoever is last in the office switches off all other appliances like vending machines, coffee machines, printers, TVs and presentation equipment.

This is especially important at the weekend when the office is empty for 48 hours.